London Walking Tours


London Walking Tours – private London guided walks
 My London walking tours are private guided walks which will give you an insight into the different areas of London all of which have different characters with fascinating stories behind them and interesting things to see. You can also enjoy themed tours which will reveal London’s history, culture and architecture. If your group has a special interest I can design a tailor-made London walk with a suitable theme. Most London walking tours are two hours long. Come with me and discover London on foot.
Royal Westminster Walk
Take a walk through the heart of royal London amongst palaces, royal residences and royal parks. Hear about royal pageantry and traditions.
London Highlights Walking Tour
This walk from Parliament Square to Covent Garden includes many of London’s most famous landmarks, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Whitehall, Horse Guards, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the River Thames, and more. This is a great walk to take if this is your first visit to London.
City of London Walk
The City of London, just one square mile, is the oldest part of London where the Romans first settled. Today it is the financial centre. Learn about the development of its great financial institutions and their role today. Enjoy the varied architecture, old churches and modern tall buildings and hear about the unique traditions of the City and its Lord Mayor.

Tower Bridge

Royal Opera House Covent Garden

Theatrical London Walk
London is one of the great theatre capitals of the world famous for opera and ballet as well as theatre. This theatre walk takes us to Covent Garden, centre of London’s Theatre Land. Hear stories of our great theatres and theatrical personalities.
Hidden London tourDiscover London’s hidden secrets which you would never find without a guide.  We will walk in the City and in St James’s finding hidden gems and also visit other parts of London to discover more on this full day tour on foot and by public transport.
London’s Modern Architecture Tour
Since 30 St Mary Le Axe, or the Gherkin as it is nicknamed, was constructed in 2003, there has been an explosion of modern architecture which has dramatically changed the skyline of London. On this tour learn about the architects who designed these new buildings and the ideas behind their designs, the challenges of the construction of the buildings and discuss the contribution they make to the architectural diversity of London.
Meandering in the Strand and Covent Garden
There is something for everyone on this walk, we explore theatre land but, Covent Garden is more than that, I’ll show you some hidden secrets you definitely wouldn’t find on your own.

Skyline of City of London


Mayfair Walk
Mayfair is one of London’s most exclusive residential, business and shopping areas – since the 1700’s associated with elegance and style. Stroll through Mayfair’s history, almost every house has had a famous resident at one time or another. See Savile Row famous for men’s tailoring, see the street where the Queen was born and discover Mayfair’s American, scientific and musical connections.
St James’s Walk
St James’s was developed by Henry Jermyn, the Earl of St Albans, after the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660 and was conveniently close to St James’s Palace so it became the most desirable place to live. It is full of old world charm, it’s all about tradition and it is a unique and special part of London. See where the first Bowler Hats were designed and sold and where Winston Churchill used to buy his cheese. It is also still the area of choice for the very exclusive gentlemen’s clubs including White’s whose members include the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Prince William.
Chelsea Walk
In the 16th century Chelsea was a village of palaces, Henry VIII had a manor house here. In 1682 Charles II founded the Royal Hospital Chelsea which is today still home to 350 retired soldiers, the Chelsea Pensioners. In the 19th century it was a favourite haunt of artists, Turner, Rossetti and Whistler lived here and of course there is the King’s Road, where in the ‘swinging 60’s’, the mini skirt was born.

St James’s


Southwark Walk
In Tudor times Southwark was the entertainment area of London with theatres, Shakespeare, bear baiting and brothels. Later it fell on hard times but now it is one of London’s great regeneration stories and entertainment has returned. Also discover Southwark’s ecclesiastical, literary and medical history. There’s a gourmet food market, a haven of modern art, a great cathedral, the reconstructed Globe Theatre and fantastic riverside views.
Bloomsbury Walk
Bloomsbury is the academic, intellectual heart of London, home to the British Museum, University College London and many book publishers. For years Bloomsbury has attracted, writers, thinkers and creative types. Walk in the footsteps of some of the best known personalities including the Bloomsbury Set, T.S Eliot and George Orwell. Bloomsbury is also where you will find some of London’s finest Georgian Squares and discover more about the Georgian period and the events and developments which happened in London at this time.
Spitalfields Walk
Come to East London. Spitalfields has many secrets to reveal and a history shaped by immigration. The Jews, the French Huguenots, the Bangladeshi community have all contributed to its rich cultural and social history. Discover some of the best preserved Georgian domestic architecture in London which bears the marks of previous and current owners from silk weavers to contemporary artists. There’s a mosque, a synagogue, markets and one of the most beautiful churches in London and that’s just a start! Walks in other areas are also available such as Clerkenwell, Westminster, Canary Wharf and Kensington.